To prevent the spread of viruses, it is everyone’s responsibility to practice good hygiene, social distancing and staying away from others if you are sick. We here at Little Peoples are striving to do our bit to keep our communities safe! We’ve compiled below some of our favourite resources, for both your own information and some helpful items for our ‘Little People’ too.

The latest advice from the Government regarding COVID-19 can be found by clicking these links:

Restrictions for Greater Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong 
Rules and restrictions that apply under COVID-19 public health orders to the Greater Sydney region (including the Blue Mountains), the Central Coast and Wollongong can be found here: what you can and cant do under rules/greater-sydney  

The following rules and restrictions apply to Sydney’s Northern Beaches: what you can and cant do under rules/northern-beaches

For the Little People:

  • The Wiggles have released a Social Distancing Song, click here for the link to the song on YouTube.
  • The Wiggles also have a great handwashing song! Listen to it here.
  • The Queensland Government have released a book and song related to COVID-19 about a character called Birdie. Click here to view!
  • The New South Wales Government have also released a children’s book to help young children to understand what this virus is. You can download it here.

Mental health during the pandemic is becoming a big priority. Be You, a part of Beyond Blue, provides educators with knowledge, resources and strategies for helping children and young people achieve their best possible mental health. Visit the website here for more information and resources.

For over 20 years Emerging Minds has been dedicated to advancing the mental health and emotional wellbeing of Australian infants, children, adolescents and their families. Visit the Emerging Minds website to have a look at their large range of resources!


Keep checking back in with us for updates!