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Exclusion Periods

Your child is sick, how long do they need to stay away for? Little Peoples Early Learning Centres base their recommended exclusion periods from the "Staying Healthy in Childcare" book provided by the NSW Government. EXCLUSION PERIOD POSTER provides the recommended exclusion periods for common illnesses that may affect children in our care.  Please feel

Child Safety Handbook

NSW Policy Legacy have created an interactive Child Safety Handbook to help to raise awareness of child safety issues that all families face, and what can be done to prevent these risks.  The Handbook enables people of all ages to develop strategies to help them deal with difficult situations, and covers such issue as:  

Flu Season!

As we approach flu season, we want to keep our communities safe! For information on how to stay safe, visit www.health.nsw.gov.au, or look at this influenza fact sheet. The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network link (below) assists families to manage children’s winter illnesses and to know when to seek help Winter and your sick child |

Public Health Alert – Mosquito Bites

With all the rain and flooding in our local communities, NSW Health are alerting the community to protect themselves against mosquito bites.  Please see this link regarding the Health Alert.  More information and fact sheets can be found here (Fight the Bite!) and here (Fight the Bite! Flood affected communities) .  Let's keep our Little

2023 & 2024 Public Holidays & School Terms

Little Peoples Early Learning Centres are open 52 weeks a year, closed on public holidays. See below for the list of dates we are closed, along with the NSW School Terms! 2023 Closing Dates: January 2nd – New Years Day Public Holiday 26th – Australia Day April 7th – Good Friday 10th – Easter Monday

Immunisation and Health

Immunisations From 1 January 2018, only children who are fully immunised for their age OR have a medical reason not to be immunised OR are on a catch-up schedule can be enrolled in childcare. Children who have not been immunised due to their parent’s vaccine conscientious objection cannot be enrolled in childcare. All parents need

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