We are a family owned and operated business founded in 2002. We pride ourselves on our excellent standards of care and our carefully structured early childhood learning and developmental programs for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years.

Our Teaching and Learning Development Team provide support to the centres Nominated Supervisors in order to create Early Learning Centres of Excellence that will nurture each child’s self esteem, wellbeing and development. Our philosophy was developed with the fundamental aim of “extending and enriching children’s learning throughout their journey of early childhood”We embraced the ‘The Early Years Learning Framework’ introduced by the Australian Government in 2010. The framework, delivered by our highly qualified staff, fosters learning through play and incorporates choice for children whilst supporting the development of early language, literacy and numeracy skills.

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At Little Peoples we celebrate the uniqueness, interests and developmental needs of each child by tailoring the curriculum to their interests, strengths and needs creating learning opportunities that will instil a life long love of learning for the children.

Our Early Learning Centre’s provide a warm, nurturing, safe environment for your child to grow.


Little Peoples Early Learning Centre’s educators are committed to extending and enriching
childrens’ learning through the below:

  • Providing the highest level of care and education for children in a warm, nurturing and safe environment.
  • Building genuine relationships and partnerships with families to ensure maximum learning opportunities for children and to assist children with becoming successful learners.
  • Ensuring our practices are inclusive of all cultures, religion, abilities, gender and family structure maintaining confidentiality at all times.
  • Educators will extend on their current knowledge and understanding of the National Quality Standards and The Early Years Learning Framework.
  • Planning and implementing a program that is stimulating and supportive of all areas of development including physical, social, emotional, cognitive, creative and moral growth and is reflective of the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • For children to develop a sense of wellbeing and a sense of identity that allows them to become effective communicators and to contribute to their world becoming confident and involved learners.
  • For learning experiences to be responsive to children’s current interests, strengths and needs and allowing them to achieve learning outcomes at a pace that is appropriate to their current stage of development.
  • Providing a physical learning environment that is responsive to the needs of children and their families.
  • Providing opportunities for children to engage in decision making, investigation of ideas, complex concepts and thinking, reasoning and hypothesising.
  • Encouraging families to feel valued and welcome to participate in our program.
  • To provide a healthy environment through teaching and practising good hygiene routines, actively promoting healthy lifestyles, encouraging regular physical activity and providing a variety of nutritious meals.
  • My Time, Our Place-Framework for School Age Care in Australia delivered by our caring educators will provide opportunities for children in ‘Outside School Hours Care’ (OSHC) to engage in leisure and play-based experiences which are responsive to their individual needs and interests.
  • The management team value and support educators in their professional development by providing a variety of training methods to develop new skills and attend in-service training opportunities.
  • Educators and management ensure all practices are reflective of the centre philosophy.







Our aim is to provide a caring & comfortable environment where the children can feel safe in exploring their surroundings, playing, imagining & creating; all of which help the children develop a greater understanding of their world.

Our vision for children’s learning is to provide opportunities & support to meet the highest expectations of individual children’s learning

Our mission is to provide an education that is responsive to your child’s interests, learning capabilities & styles enabling your child to grow in confidence as they learn.

Educators promote children’s learning by planning and implementing a program that provides opportunities for children to learn through play, intentional teaching, and spontaneous learning experiences. Our play-based approach to learning builds on children’s natural motivation to play. In this context children can; explore, experiment, discover & solve problems in imaginative & playful ways. Involving both child-initiated and teacher-supported learning, children are encouraged and supported in working towards EYLF Learning Outcomes as they foster new learning experiences.  This play-based approach teaches children relevant skills whilst having fun & developing a love of learning.

Our services are committed to the Child Safe Standards which accentuates our zero tolerance for child abuse and raises awareness about the importance of child safety in our service and communities. We are dedicated to protecting children and promoting a child-safe environment, maintaining children’s wellbeing. We adhere to our comprehensive Child Protection Policy, standing by our mandatory reporting responsibilities to protect children from physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse and neglect. We are dedicated to promoting cultural safety for children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds. We value diversity and do not tolerate discriminatory practices. We work in collaboration with the United National Convention on the Rights of Children and have confidence in educating children about their right to be safe. We believe in teaching children what to do if they feel unsafe and encouraging them to express their views and thoughts on matters that directly affect them. We always act to empower children.

Our experienced educators provide an environment that is secure and predictable where children can explore and investigate. The learning environment values cultural and social diversity and provides continuity of learning.  The environment demonstrates flexibility and is inclusive of indoor and outdoor opportunities providing a balance of stimulating and quiet experiences that reflect children’s interests, strengths and needs. Learning areas foster the safety, health and wellbeing of each child. Children are empowered to make choices and take ownership of their learning environment. Educators and children work together to learn about and promote the sustainable use of resources and develop practices that become embedded in our daily routine.

The environment supports individuals and families to develop their well-being and self-confidence.

Our team of educators are committed to providing the highest quality care and education and are consistently working towards continuous improvement in all areas of early education and management. Our Educators place children’s learning at the centre of planning and implementation. Educators design engaging and challenging learning experiences through planned integration of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. Educators build professional skills and knowledge around curriculum, pedagogy and assessment to continuously enhance their practice and improve children’s learning.

 Educators build warm, positive, caring and responsive relationships with children allowing them to feel a sense of security, well-being and belonging. Educators take an active role in nurturing and supporting children’s social competence providing children with the foundation that allows them to understand and self-regulate their own emotions and negotiate their interactions with others.

We believe that building genuine relationships and partnerships with families supports children in achieving their goals and learning outcomes. We strive for a sense of belonging for all families through a systematic and intentional approach to building and maintaining partnerships with families. We endeavour to understand and support families backgrounds, values, culture and life experiences. By understanding families expectations for their child assists us to form a good working relationship with each family ensuring we work together to foster children’s learning and holistic development. We acknowledge the original custodians of this land, the Dharawal people and their language and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the community. We role model positive interactions at all times continuously working towards developing and maintaining respectful and ethical relationships with team members, children, families and the wider community.

We are an equal opportunity employer that strives to make sure that there is no unlawful conduct in its employment practices or in its workplaces at work or in connection with work. Our network support group manages administrative tasks and supports effective leadership and management of the service. This frees up educators to concentrate on the delivery of high-quality services to the children and their families contributing to quality environments for children’s learning and development. Well-documented policies and procedures, well-maintained records, shared values, clear direction and reflective practices enable the services to function as a learning community.

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