Testimonials - Little Peoples



Thank you for all the love and support you have given our family over the last two years.
We will miss so many of the girls, they have all been wonderful and caring with Phoenix and Violet.
Well done for providing amazing care and a great service for everyone.

Would you please pass on my thanks to Kerrie-ann for the newsletter please? It's always great to see the dates for what is coming up so I can talk about tem with Charlie beforehand, and I really like seeing the pictures and qualifications of each educator in each room. With lots of changes it's nice when you can put a face to a name!

It was great to also read what has been happening in the pre-school room and seeing the photos. I can honestly say that Charlie has come home and spoken to me about each of the things mentioned. She sings all these random songs that I know have come from pre-school, talks to me about yoga and keeping your hands to yourself during rest time! I also have most certainly been told that I am not a super friend at times and she has taken on the 10 second hand washing rule religiously!

I remember speaking with Kerrie-ann towards the start of the year a little concerned about Charlie being ready for big school next year, however, the change in her skills over the past few months is incredible. She can recognise numbers and letters, some words, spell words out loud and her writing has also improved so much. This is all due to her Educators and I am so appreciative - now to work on her attitude!!

Anyway, I am rambling on a bit just wanted to put my thoughts into writing so the team there can understand what a great job they are doing and to please pass on my thanks.

Kind Regards
Emma (HORSLEY 2018)