School Readiness

Transition to School

Starting school is a significant milestone in the life of any child and family. Our school readiness program refers to daily-programmed activities and experiences that are implemented throughout the year, encouraging the developmental skills that are optimal for children to retain before commencing school. For children attending school the following year, we will implement a 'transition to school program' which is additional activities and experiences offered to children to help prepare them for a smooth transition to a school environment.

The school readiness programmes still maintain our open-ended, individual learning model, whilst also providing a small group structured environment where the children can develop and practise skills to follow teacher direction and complete tasks.

Your child will enjoy a fun introduction to:

  • Reading and phonemic awareness
  • Name recognition and letter writing
  • Numbers – counting objects and numerals
  • Shapes
  • Colours
  • Role play
  • Singing & Musical activities

Our education and care service will liaise with local schools to develop a smooth and comprehensive transition to school program. We work in collaboration with families to support the individual strengths and needs of each child and provide a high quality program to help children experiencing the transition to kindergarten and more formal learning.