Parent Participation & Daily Routines

Parent Participation & Daily Routines

Families are the single most powerful influence in the early development of a child.

We operate as an open door policy, where families are welcome to visit our service. We believe families are children's first teachers and therefore embrace family involvement and participation within our curriculum.  We value your ideas, suggestions and contributions into all aspects of our service. If a child has a special interest that a parent wishes to share with us you should let the educators know so that they can incorporate this into your child’s programs.

Effective relationships between families and educators are fundamental to the quality of education and care that the children receive. Families can provide invaluable information about children's interests, strengths, abilities as well as feedback that assists teams to develop improvement plans that are practical and focussed on meeting the needs of all children and their families.

Families are always welcome to spend time in the service and share special moments with their children. We also host many special days and celebrate a variety of events throughout the year for which families amothers-day-3re most welcome to attend.

All our rooms have a daily reflections journal for parents to read and provide feedback at the end of the day, you may also like to use the knowledge you gain from this book to converse with your child about their day.

Each child will be given an assigned parent pocket for receipts, newsletters and messages. The parent pockets should be checked regularly.

Our Daily routines although flexible provide security and continuity for the children. Routines vary so please make enquiries with your local centre's Nominated Supervisor.