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Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play

We believe that outdoor experiences are much more important than 'run around time'.

Young children need daily outdoor experiences to enhance their rapid physical development.

At Little Peoples Early Learning Centre's the outdoors is viewed as a place for the children to grow and learn, that is why staff create outdoor learning environments that are engaging and interesting. Outdoor experiences will be planned to;

  • Allow children to develop gross motor skills. Each day activities are planned that will allow for development of balance, coordination and strength.
  • Allow children to learn about the outdoor environment. Water play and sand play are an essential part of outdoor play, the environment offers many opportunities for science activities.
  • Give children freedom not possible inside.
  • Allow for passive and active areas. Inside activities are extended into the outdoor environment. E.g. home corner, craft, book corner away from the active areas.
  • Allow for maximum child/adult ratio, enabling adult interaction in child initiated and adult initiated activities. Outdoor time is an integral part of our daily program and is not seen as a time for undirected play supervised by adults.
  • Ensure children are adequately sheltered from weather and are dressed appropriately for prevailing weather conditions.
  • All children and staff must wear hats when outside.