Minto Nominated Supervisor Profile - Little Peoples

Minto Nominated Supervisor Profile

Minto Nominated Supervisor Profile

Hi, my name is Jemma and I am the nominated supervisor of Little Peoples, Minto. I have been working in early childhood with Little Peoples since June 2011. During that time I have completed my Certificate III and Diploma in children’s services, and most recently my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care. I joined Little Peoples as the nominated supervisor of St Helens Park for four years leading up to the birth of my second child. I then returned on a part time basis while I pursued full time studies to become an early childhood teacher. I have always had a passion for early childhood and I am fascinated by the way that children learn, their uniqueness and individuality.

My teaching practices are based on pedagogy that has developed through knowledge, experience and theoretical philosophies in early childhood. I draw inspiration from different approaches such as The Reggio Emilia Approach, where the environment is set up in an aesthetically pleasing way, with learningprovocations to act as the third teacher, where children can explore and create without instruction or intervention from an adult; The Project Approach, where children are given the opportunity to thoroughly explore a theme or topic for a prolonged period of time, making new discoveries along the way, as well as Bush Kinder where children can explore and appreciate the cultural connections and history of the land and value natural materials in the outdoor learning environment. By using different theoretical philosophies and approaches, it strengthens the curriculum and enhances features of the Early Years LearningFramework within the classroom environment, to present the children with a rich array of learning experiences where their thoughts, imagination and creativity curve the learning journey to make it more meaningful and memorable. We are also ensuring that children’s learning and development is supported according to how they learn, as every child is an individual.

Within our centre children’s wellbeing will be supported holistically. I believe that children should feel continually supported within a safe and secure environment where they can build a sense of belonging and form strong relationships with educators and their peers. Their social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical needs will be met and facilitated through meaningful
educational experiences, which are planned for effectively and embedded within an inclusive program as a result of quality critical reflection. Strong family and community connections are crucial to ensuring that families feel comfortable leaving their children in our care. We will strive to ensure that we are providing the highest quality care for all children at all times.

I am a true believer that children should be given the tools to achieve an outcome, however they make the discovery for themselves.

The hardest part of my job is saying goodbye when the children are ready for kindergarten, it’s hard to let go, although the memories we share will last a lifetime.

It is with great importance that we ensure that each child is supported when they enter their new childcare environment, therefore we will take whatever steps necessary to ensure that together we achieve this. I look forward tomeeting all of the new families, and welcome you to come and visit us so that we can share our amazing new centre with you all.